Daylight savings is a loss

I’m sure I whinge about this every year, but I hate daylight savings. We are a week in and I am already frustrated.

I’m a morning person and I am certain that Daylight Savings was invented by and for night owls. I wake with the sun every day – so earlier in summer than winter. As I hate using an alarm (which I have to do in winter) I love alarm free summer days. But instead of waking early, with plenty of time to get things done before I head out to work, I wake an hour later by the clock. Grrr.

As a morning person I much prefer to do things in the morning, so by the evening I am happy to be inside. There is little to no benefit to me having longer daylight drenched evenings. Grrr.

If Daylight Savings ran for just the 3 months of summer, I’d understand a little, but it goes for 6 months – and the two tail ends are still short, cold days – what’s the point? Grrrr.

We’ve just started Daylight Savings, and thanks to the stupid change in time, I have yet to get dinner ready on time because it’s too bright to start thinking about it and then when I do it’s and hour later. Grrr.

My family are already sick of hearing me whinge. What about you, love it or hate it?

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  1. As an adult I agree with you. It takes so long to adjust to the new time for me now! But for us we will change in November. The mornings are already getting darker. So going back that hour makes no sense. And it still gets dark early in the evening so I don’t see the point! There’s been talks of stopping it here for a while and a lot of people think this might be the last time we have to change BUT then our idiot of a leader called an election two years early so who knows what he is going to do now…..

    • I’ve heard that their are countries around the world getting rid fo daylight savings, but I wasn’t sure if that was just a rumour or actually happening. I’d love to think there’s the possibility it isn’t forever!

  2. The Americanization of time itself. Yep, we invented it and not one person knows why it hasn’t gone away. It has way outlasted it’s reason for birth.

    Every year there is talk about trashing it, or sticking with it, and it never goes anywhere. I, personally, don’t care if it is made permanent or just thrown under the bus, I just hate the feeling of changing to a different shift twice a year.

    I get up before dawn anyway.

    • See, I love to do things in the morning before work, but they take my mornings away from me. I’m up before dawn too (well awake – in the cold I don’t want to actually get out of my warm bed).

  3. Daylight Saving Time: I hate it. It was sort of OK when it ran from the end of April until the end of October (for us, that is), but since then? Forget it.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one to hate it. I thought maybe in retirement when my days will (hopefully) not be so run by the clock it mightn’t be so bad, but I guess that mustn’t be the case!

  4. We’re still in Daylight Saving time. We don’t go back to standard until early November. I just go with the flow on this, though I do enjoy the coming change as we get an extra hour of sleep.

    • It’s funny how we have so much overlap with daylight savings. You’d think that would be one thing that was the opposite!

  5. I really don’t understand this time change stuff. I’m with you–just let the sun and moon rule our days.

  6. Not a fan, especially of spring forward when they rob me of an hour of sleep for no reason at all, and what I especially don’t get is; why aren’t all the countries aligned? Our “fall back” won’t happen until Halloween. Talk about international confusion on top of individual annoyance.

    Hope you’ll get over it 💖

    • Thanks, Tamara. It’s so frustrating. And while it is a while for us to turn back, that is equally frustrating ebcause there is no easing in to the change (ie one day you drive home from work in daylight and the next in pitch black).

  7. I wish we could all just decide on a time and stick with it. It seems like every year I have a harder time adjusting!

    • I wonder if it is harder to adjust as you age? There is a lot of time related stuff that the brain processes differently as you age, maybe this is one?

  8. Giggling Fattie

    October 17, 2021 at 9:57 pm

    I hope it isn’t just a rumour either!! It seems like the past 6 changes has been “the last” LOL

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