Dead computer

My computer is in a cycle of: start…blue screen of death… auto restart… blue screen of death…ad infinitum. You get the idea.

I hate typing on my phone as I am at the moment, so will be absent until I get tech support to resuscitate my laptop.

I hope I’m not gone for long!

7 comments on “Dead computer

  1. Can’t you press F8 during the boot up and go into Safe Mode? Would that work?

    Best of luck!

  2. Thanks, Jacqui. Apparently it’s a corrupt iterating system and will require a factory reset 😕 (ps did you get my email?)

  3. So sorry to hear that. Good luck. May the tech gods smile upon you.

  4. Good luck with the computer…

  5. It might be time for a new one…

  6. Oh no!! How old is your device? Hope the experts are able to rescue it!

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  7. Oh, dear! I hope you have a backup for it?

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