A Dog’s point of view: mending

Like all dogs, Ludo loves his toys. He has all sorts…tennis balls to chase, ropes to tug, sticks and old bones to chew and soft toys which he does all of the above with. Of course, after throwing, tugging and chewing, the soft toys start to show signs of wear and tear and need to be repaired.

The photo below is of the current stack that need mending. On my list of priorities they aren’t high (he has plenty of others), but for him… these are the toys he. wants. now.

Waiting to be mended

The toys are sitting on my desk waiting for me to find a minute to repair them. I won’t do them in one go, but will do them in bits and pieces.

Ludo wants them done now. He’s not a big dog, but if he stands on his hind legs, with his front paws on my desk drawers, he can see the toys – but he’s not big enough to actually get them from my desk. Instead he paws at my arm, urging me to give him a toy. He wants those! toys. Not any of the others in his toy box.

His point of view is that mending should be my number one priority, or that I shouldn’t bother at all.

Have you had things that aren’t high on your priority list but others feel should be done right away?

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  1. You mend those? You are my hero.

    • Haha, I do mend them. He has toys with patches and coloured stitching. When a toy is totally destroyed I rescue the squeaker if it works and do “squeaker-endectomies” with other toys who are now soundless, lol.

  2. Giggling Fattie

    July 31, 2021 at 12:49 pm

    Hahahaha I mend dog toys too! The problem with so many toys is that they fall apart too easily. My dog’s favourite toys, and also the ones that stay together even after YEARS of hard play are ikea baby toys. No joke! When I got my Clooney, about a month later I bought him a teddy from ikea cos it didn’t have button eyes or nose. And that thing lasted at least 7-8 years! Hahahaha now he has a bunny, but having it from 9-14 years old it doesn’t get the degree of hard play the teddy did. The bunny is still in really good shape

    • We have two toys from Ikea – one even has a squeaker! The squeaker is this moon shaped chicken (from the “kids design the toys” contest and the other is a pig. They do seem very robust.

  3. If something is leaking, or shorting out, it gets immediate attention. Other than that the list comes down to time; because whenever you start one thing, something else becomes more important.

    That is why I looked at our back room for 20 years before tackling it, in that elusive spare time.

    I also have to rebuild our dining room chairs before our Thanksgiving (November 25) because the plywood seat base on some of them is getting tired and sagging.

    That makes six things that are vying for time.

    • Totally agree with the “start one thing and something else becomes more important”. After 3 years of not being able to sit on our dining table chairs, we finally paid someone to fix them. There was always something more important to be done, until we needed them urgently.

  4. Too bad he can’t mend them himself 😉 Then you’d be sure they’d get mended in a hurry.

  5. That’s funny that he only wants the favorites! When it comes to toys, my dog has an appetite for destruction, and the results are not mendable!

  6. With the lock down and stay-at-home lifestyle, there is much less pressure to do things “now”. If there is a sliver of silver lining, maybe that’s it.

  7. Your dog is a very lucky boy to have a human willing to mend his favourite toys, bless him.

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