Letterbox Kindness

Earlier in the week, I checked our letterbox and found this little note. I’m not sure who dropped it in, but assume they were doing the neighbourhood. There would be no reason for the note other than the author trying to bring a little happiness into our lives with their kindness.

Do you have a story about the kindness of strangers?

7 comments on “Letterbox Kindness

  1. No. How cool. Random Acts of Kindness–there’s a Day for that. Kudos to the kids who left that for you!

    • I know! It looks like an adult’s handwriting, so I suspect Mum helped the kids with their project.

  2. That’s very sweet.

  3. Luv the cute little card.
    It is tradition here for people to leave bags of mangoes at bus stops or at the curb “for share” and the gesture is always appreciated by those who do not have mango trees.

    • It’s a lovely gesture, Gail. People do that here (but usually leave on their letterbox). Where I used to live we’d get mangoes, but now that I live in the cold, we get lots of citrus. Last summer I made 15kg of plum jam and have given a lot of that away. Am now onto marmalade thanks to an overloaded lemonade tree.

  4. That’s a sweet note! We have one of those cluster mailboxes that doesn’t allow any random person to drop in a fun message.

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