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How would you like people to describe you?
Only in a positive light! Lol, of course no-one wants to be described in any other way. But we all have positive and negative traits and I am certainly no exception.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

It’s often not as simple as positive and negative personality traits of course. Stubbornness can be great, and also not so much. I should know, I’m pretty stubborn. I’m also determined, organised, empathetic. More that have a negative side.

As for the negative, I have a pretty fiery temper (and I’ll leave the negative there – not a fun place to visit).

If I had to pick the traits I hope shine through, the ones people might use to describe me and remember me by, the two I’d like are happy and positive.

What about you, what positive traits would you like people to remember you by?

8 comments on “Describe me…

  1. Oh–me, hmm… You really don’t want to know…

    I love your honesty, Anita. I don’t see your ‘fiery temper’ in any of your posts.

    • As an adult I’ve learnt to control my temper. It’s very rare that I get fired up. The silver lining is when I do, as soon as it’s over, it’s over. I’m fortunate not to carry it around with me afterwards.

      As I age it might become interesting. You lose the ability to manage your personality/behavioural traits. So all those negatives you learn to control…you don’t anymore.

  2. People tell me I’m a pretty positive person and I love that!! 😃😃

  3. Yes, being happy and positive are good things. But there is good in the “bad” traits, too.

    • I think happy and positive are two traits that help others as well. If you are happy and positive it tends to rub off. Yeah, some of the bad traits have a silver lining side, but it’s a lot more circumstance based.

  4. I would love to be described as fabulously talented, of course, haha! But having always felt awkward trying to make social connections, I think I really just want to be known as likable.

    • You already have that one nailed, Jenny! The Hub would say I am already fabulously talented at burning dinner, lol.

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