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Now the weather is warming up I’m getting out more…

We have so many roos where we live, I’ll probably have a lot more of these as the warmer months go by.

Do you have good walking trails near you?

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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOO so cool!!

  2. Looks like this is our last week of temperatures 90+. Next week we’re in the 80s. Yay! Autumn is here!

    And most of our hiking trails are currently closed for fire prevention.

    Love the roos.

    • Haha, we’re about to go into the 30’s (‘F) and I’m excited to be going upwards!

      A lot of our trails haven’t opened yet because of the fires. But there are quite a few in town (we are called the bush capital for a reason…we’re a very green city).

  3. When I drop by for a visit, we must search out these big guys. I’ve never seen one.

  4. How lovely to see these (exotic to me) animals when you are out!
    I’m lucky to have many beautiful hiking trails around me too.


  5. We have a nature center just over the freeway from us, and there are a couple nice trails there. As well, we have a regional park. We’re more likely to see coyotes (or at least what they leave behind as they don’t really go out when humans are out) and squirrels. I have spied a few skunks and possums. Sadly, no roos 😉

  6. I have some very nice trails close by, but no roos 🙂 We’ve already had our first snowfall, but things have warmed up again. I am hoping for a nice autumn season with lots of walks. But first we need an end to the fires burning all across the western US, including Colorado. You Aussies know how that goes!

    • The fires in the US are heartbreaking. We had 5 months of fires (3 months where we didn’t see the sky for the thick smoke). I’m hoping it isn’t the same for you.

  7. My walking trails are no where near as exciting. I love to see some roos!

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