My last post revealed the song I have chosen as my inspiration for the year. As it turns out it couldn’t be more apt.

The Hub and I are wanting to move house (this house has served us well, but for many reasons, we know it is time to move on). We’ve gradually been working on getting it ready to go to market, but all of a sudden it seems the clock has been sped up. We found out on Saturday that our real estate agent is booking in the photographer for Thursday. 4 days! 4 days to get the house sparkling clean and uncluttered for photos.

This is on top of the start of the new academic year and The Hub and I having a longed-for holiday later in the month for a little over a week. Timing couldn’t be worse. Cue long, long stressful days this week.

I need that stamina.

How do you manage those times where life seems our of control and you just have to keep pushing?

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  1. Take care of yourself, and make sure to eat right and get whatever sleep you need. That’s about all you can do.

    • Thanks, John. I know logically there are only so many hours in the day, but it doesn’t help. I need to try and allow myself the time to stop and eat – harder than it should be.

  2. I have to remind myself not to get caught up in trying to make everything perfect. Life usually allows for some latitude. Good luck with the next steps! Moving is a lot of hard work!

  3. Yeah, once those moves get started, they go quick. Good luck. Don’t push yourself too hard. If you find it’s too much for you, you can totally tell your relator to ease things back a bit.

    • At the moment I’m just wanting it over and keep reminding myself that time will eventually fix that, lol.

  4. I really don’t want to think about moving. We have been in this house long enough for us to reach the having ten percent too much stuff to store.

    The main thing for us is the street. It dead ends a house away, so we don’t get much traffic, and I love that.

    In what spare time I have I am remodeling things to change how we store stuff.One more shelving unit and the back room will be ready for baseboards. Then come the utility room.

    There will be a big, shallow pantry and a table with some shelves between the washer and dryer. To do that I have to move stuff around to make room. That is enough for me, but I keep finding things I had almost forgotten I had.

    Good luck, and I hope you have found something close to your dream home. If you have it will all be worth the cost.

  5. Oh, I hear you, BF. We’ve been here long enough we could probably furnish two houses adequately 8( It’s cathartic after the cull and clean, but the doing not so much. Good luck with your improvements!

  6. Allow yourself the rest you need, and stay hydrated. I know, that probably sounds like lame advice, but it’s a practical foundation that will make everything else go easier.

    The other advice I have is to be ruthlessly unsentimental. Put three boxes or bags in each room designated as pack, donate, and trash—that helps. But if you have things you’ve been saving and have no real use for anymore, or it’s something that will have no meaning for your children if they ever have to sort through it, take a photo of it and get rid of it.

    I have a friend who’s moved so many times that she now packs “light” by doing the photograph thing. She may offer the item to someone who shared that memory with her, and if they want it, great, but if not, out it goes. If the item is going to remain packed in a box for a once-in-a-lifetime look decades from now, it may as well be a photograph.

    After going through my parents’ house and finding waaayyy too much—boxes full of old birthday cards and (I kid you not) an old, unfinished embroidery of John F. Kennedy—I realized my children weren’t likely to keep (or even sort through) most of the things I kept, and I was even having trouble remembering why I kept some of them. That has helped me tip the scales each time I go on a decluttering spree.

    You can do this! And your holiday with your hubby will be that much more appreciated.

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