Favourite song to sing

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What is your favourite song to sing?
You can’t hear my singing voice which is something you should all be eternally grateful for. I can get my clarinet in tune but my voice, nope. It’s frustrating because I can hear how flat I am but have no idea how to fix it, or even if it can be fixed.

For a long time I didn’t sing out loud much because I could hear how really, really bad I sounded. Luckily age has cured me of worrying so much about that.

I sing mostly to the radio in the car and to CDs when I am doing housework. I don’t have a favourite song to sing, which is probably just as well because I have no control of what they play on the radio.

If I like a song I usually want to sing to it. Even if I don’t know the words. Or (most of the time) when I think I know the words.

The best I can do is give you the last song I sang to (on the car radio) and this was it:

Chris de Burgh – Don’t pay the ferryman

Do you have a favourite song to sing?

8 comments on “Favourite song to sing

  1. Sadly, the video is unavailable in my country. I’m like you, though. I love to sing along to the radio, but only when alone.

    • Oh, how disappointing. I am usually alone in the car, but it doesn’t stop me if there are others in the car with me as it’s usually only The Hub and Barbarians, and they have to listen to me 😉

  2. Darn–it didn’t come through. I don’t know that song! I do love Hallelujia. Oh my there are so many great versions of that.

    • Bummer – I wish they would put on the video if it is regionally restricted! Hallelujah is great – my kids used to love the Shrek version and I’d have to play it all the time when they were younger.

  3. I didn’t get the video either, but I remember the song! I don’t have a great voice, but I love to sing along with Queen. Only in the privacy of my car, though, because Freddie Mercury was a singular talent who put mere mortals to shame. Especially untalented mortals like me 🙂

    • Queen is definitely a sing-a-long! Freddie Mercury had an amazing voice which is why I think the music is still as popular today.

  4. I have never settled on just one song. My life has had dozens of different song tracts that have run through it, they change more often than my underwear, though I change those daily.

    Some songs have stuck with me since the last millennium, some are newer. They just seem to pop up with changes in my mood, or other things.

    Witchi Tao To shows up when the weather is dry, After All this Time shows up when my age tells me I am no longer young. Red Dirt Girl blows through when I get pissed at my childhood.

    Then there are the soundtracks of the characters of the things I write, some of which I don’t even remember at other times.

    A tough question, in other words.

    • Haha, I am glad I wasn’t drinking my tea when I started to read this comment. Thanks, Bug Farts 😉

      I hadn’t heard of Witchi Tao To so I just listened to it. As it’s from traditional American Indian it’s no surprise I haven’t heard it, but I really liked it. It is kind of mesmorising.

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