Death Road

Have you heard of death roads? I hadn’t until my dad sent me some photos of this one in Colombia. One look and you’ll understand where the name came from.

This one is Trampolin de la Muerte – a route between Mocoa and Pasto. It’s about 65km (35 miles) along rocky road that will lead you over two summits up to 2800m (9000 feet) above sea level.

I can promise, under no circumstances would you ever get me on a road like this.

What about you… would you travel the Trampolin de la Muerte?

9 comments on “Death Road

  1. Oh I have seen these and it is a very loud and astounding NOPES from me as well!!

  2. Oh my. And yet, so many are on it! What’s the truck with one-wheel-off do??

    • I have no idea what they do, Jaqui. But apparently that’s how the majority of people die on this road – rain turns trickles into torrents and washes away section sof road, sometimes with vehicles on them 🙁

  3. Oh, hells to the no! I’m acrophobic enough. Bridges make me nervous. That? No way.

    • I’m just glad Colombia isn’t on my list of must see countries to visit! No way would I travel over that road.

  4. Uhhh, no thanks. Colorado has some intimidating high elevation roads, but not as hairy as these. Yikes!! No way I could do that.

    • It makes me wonder if the locals use it regularly and just accept it, avoid it completely or use it daily with great fear?

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