Gliding glitch

My apologies. It would seem gremlins got into my website and mischievously posted a blog post without leaving any trace at my end. I have a post titled “Gliding” which is scheduled for later this month. However, this morning I had some email notifications telling me I had a number of comments on the post.

Whaaaaat? I checked my blog…no gliding post showing. I checked the back end…not posted and still scheduled for later this month. I checked my comment list…no comments for the post.

The email notifications said my blogging friends were the ones who commented, so I know there isn’t a hacker or some other nefarious goings on. But I have no idea what has happened. And I can’t see or comment on what you, my friends, have said as the comments didn’t email to me as per normal, just a notification that you commented.

I’ve left the post to appear as scheduled. Hopefully you’ll come back and re-comment. Apologies for the *doo do doo do* strange things happening with my blog.

There really is only one explanation. Gremlins.

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7 comments on “Gliding glitch

  1. Giggling Fattie

    May 2, 2019 at 11:44 am

    Oh wow! That is so strange!! Will wait patiently to comment again hehe

  2. Sue Bursztynski

    May 2, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    What a shame! It was such a nice post, too!

  3. Hah! Yes, the dreaded blogging Gremlins! They sent me an email telling me about your post. No worries, AJ.


  4. A few ideas: Check your comments tab and see if the comments appear there (they should) and then track them. Another: Check comments on the unpublished post. Last: Scream F*** three times.

  5. Weird. I’ve had things post accidentally, but it’s usually a mistake on my end. I don’t remember seeing the post, I don’t think. (Although, I’ll probably recognize it if I see it again.)

  6. Thanks everyone. It would seem the gremlins have been at it again with another post scheduled for later this month. I hope it doesn’t start doing it to all my scheduled posts!!!

    Jacqui, I did check my comments tab – nothing, and my unpublished post comments – nothing. There is absolutely nothing at my end that shows the post went live or that you guys commented. It is really frustrating!

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