Goldfish update

Back in July I introduced you to our intelligent drive-me-insane fish, Splish, and his his companion, Splash. Sadly our goldfish outgrew their tank and we had to find them a new home. We were lucky enough to find them a fabulous new tank in a house where they will be very loved. Splish is the spotty one and Splash is the black one. They are easy to spot in the tank (and they look so little in the big tank – but they will grow to fit).

Splish and Splash video

We’ve got new fish – I’ll introduce them in a later post =)

Life is much quieter in my office!

6 comments on “Goldfish update

  1. Oh wow! They look so big!! When I think of goldfish I think of those little ones from a carnival haha

  2. You’re the first person I know who had a goldfish outgrow their tank. Those are lucky fish!

    • When I was a kid our goldfish never outgrew their tank, but the pet store told us that it’s normal.

  3. Hopefully they’ll be happy in their new home.

    • I hope so. The lady who took them was delighted to get some in different colours and her tank looks amazing, so fingers crossed.

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