Lockdown silver lining #3

The Hub and I would very occasionally go out for coffee (or in my case chai latte). We’d nearly always go to my favourite place, the Arboretum’s Sprout Cafe. Of course, the cafe is closed.

Instead, we bought some chai latte powder and now The Hub and I sit on our deck and look at the Arboretum and have a steaming hot chai latte and whatever I’ve baked.

And now we are doing this a couple of times a week, rather than a couple of times a year. I’m not sure why we haven’t done it more often? This is definitely something we will continue to do after lockdown.

Is there anything you’re doing now you want to continue post-covid?

View from our deck
Deck cafe: Chai latte and my lemon coconut muffin (with Biggles the dog sneaking his way in)

15 comments on “Lockdown silver lining #3

  1. Not really. The fact is, I spend my half a week at home trying to catch up with washing clothes, cleaning and just going out for a walk and to do some shopping. The other half of the week I’m looking after Mum, at her place, and there’s no time to do much else.

  2. My climbing gym shut down which has forced me to try bouldering outside, which I had never done before. That said, it’s been very rewarding and I will definitely continue post-covid.

    Good question and post.

    • Thanks, Evan. The Hub used to climb and boulder and he always preferred getting outdoors to do it. It’s great you’ve discovered a new way to enjoy something you are already doing.

  3. Definitely! I’ve learned to do my own dip powder manicures, which means I never have to pay a salon again for this service. I’ve fallen in love with knitting all over again. I start every morning with yoga and dance. Not sure why it took a pandemic to bring about all these positive changes, but I’ll take that silver lining! Hmmm…methinks I have a blog post here…


    • Haha, glad to have have prompted a blog idea, Deb. But they are really lovely positive changes and I can understand why you will stick with them (although I am much more a fan of dance than yoga myself).

  4. Giggling Fattie

    April 21, 2020 at 9:33 pm

    I’d like to think I’ll keep up my daily walks. They will have to switch time but that’s ok! I have a feeling we won’t be back at school until September which means I have quite a few more months to really build that habit up! Today I think I’ll be inside though….it’s sunny now but windy and cold. Not really feeling it today lol

    • I think there are so many benefits to getting outdoors. And at least you will be able to do it on your schedule during the summer months!

  5. I love this, Anita. There is so much joy in being alone together and you seem to have found one of them. Husby and I have no problem being isolated together. His birthday is coming up and we’re going to do curbside pickup from his favorite restaurant–our first time! Oh those new experiences.

    • There really is, Jacqui. The Barbarians leave us alone and it’s lovely. I hope the curbside pick-up goes well and you have a lovely dinner.

  6. That is a lovely silver lining!

    I don’t think I’ve developed any good quarantine habits! But then, I haven’t developed any bad ones, either 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenny. Great you haven’t developed any bad habits. I hvaen’t developed a bad one exactly but…well you’ll see in a future post 😉

  7. I think it took this to get some people to figure out how their kitchens work. I wonder how many people will continue to bake their own bread after this.

    • Haha, I think you are right, Liz, and my guess would be not many.

      We can’t get flour at the moment! I’ve always used my kitchen and I used to bake bread until allergies curtailed it. Although I am tempted to give baking gluten free bread a go (I do make an almond meal based one but it has to be eaten immediately so not very practical).

  8. Giggling Fattie

    April 22, 2020 at 9:23 pm

    Yes definitely keep it up over the summer! We were given some promising numbers by the government yesterday so my heart is already thinking towards “when this is over” haha even though it is a long way away!

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