When people think of Australia and the wildlife to be feared, they think of snakes and spiders, sharks and crocodiles… they probably don’t think of moths the size of your hand. A construction worker at a school in Queensland found this female wood moth…

We have the largest species of wood moths in the world with the female averaging 30g (1oz) and wingspans up to 25cm (10″) – the males are smaller. This female is a particularly large specimen.

The females don’t really fly, they crawl up a tree stump and wait for the males to find them. Interestingly, the larvae of the wood moth are called witchetty grubs and are a staple food of our indigenous people.

Would you jump if you came across a moth this big?

16 comments on “MOTH!!

  1. Giggling Fattie

    May 10, 2021 at 10:52 pm

    Ohhhhhhh no no no no no no no!!!!

  2. Oh my! Will they beat me to death with their wings?

  3. I once heard that Australia is where the devil keeps his pets. That moth looks like if she takes off she’ll take the shovel and the guy holding it with her…

  4. I would like to say no, but it looks like it would blend in really well. I have jumped a few times, once when I figured that the top of a post I was working by was really a Night-jar

    Another time was when my resting hand was inches from a Moccasin that I didn’t see because it blended so well with its environs.

    • Yeah, it’s the surprise factor that is scary with a lot of animals. I was geocaching in country Victoria and when I pulled a lid of some pvc tubing there was a giant huntsman spider on the underside of the lid (about the size of my hand). Poor thing, I flung the lid away from me because it surprised me and I like huntsman!

  5. Now that’s a MOTH! I would definitely be startled, but how cool!

    • They are really cool. We have one this far south that is darker. I haven’t been lucky enough to see one, but Jeckle has.

  6. I think I’d jump and scream. And I’m not a screamer.

    • Animals like this are definitely have the shock value. Once your heart settles you realise it’s just a moth.

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