Princess Bride predicts future

Recently a twitter account, “Poorly Aged Things”, which flags things that time has proven cringe worthy, pulled a prediction from The Princess Bride (a movie I love). The irony isn’t lost on me (and yes, different type of mask, but still).


Can you think of any other poorly aged things?

8 comments on “Princess Bride predicts future

  1. Giggling Fattie

    May 11, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    Oh man, AJ…. I have a confession and I hope we can still be friends:


    I’m sorry if I hurt you. Please forgive me.

    • Gee, GF, you hate this movie. That’s it, friendship over… *wink* What do you hate about it? I think it’s one of the best examples of a fractured fairytale.

  2. My dog isn’t aging well, and it breaks my heart.

    • Oh, Jacqui, it’s so hard when pets get old. You know we lost our dog last year, so I know exactly what you are going through. (((hugs)))

  3. It is a shame that such movies seem to be a lost art. Never Ending Story was another of such lost persuasion. Yes they were prophetic, such lovely snark.

    • Wow, I’d forgotten about Never Ending Story. I much prefer Princess Bride, but there were so many of these movies made in the 80s. They don’t seem to make them anymore.

  4. Oh my. Must follow that account.

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