4 comments on “My Excuse Monday

  1. Never had to do that–thank goodness. But I have spent hours searching for it…

    • Every day I add the date to the end of my ms title when I save it – so I always have only 24 hours between versions (just in case). A few times I have forgotten to do that and then panicked when I haven’t been able to find it. Terrible feeling!

  2. This is why one must have multiple copies, backups, and a version in the cloud. There was that Waltons episode where there was a fire and John-Boy’s manuscript went up in flames…

    • Yes! As well as saving under a different name every day (so if it did become corrupt only a day’s work gone), I have a backup in the cloud. Then every week or so I back up to an external hard drive, and also to a USB. I sometimes save a version to my tablet as well. I have copies everywhere!

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