The wisdom of kids

A teacher who works with young kids shared some of the quotes she’s heard online. I thought there were a couple worth repeating:

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Happiness doesn’t come from trying to be happy. It comes from focusing on other people’s happiness (3rd grader)

There are no barriers in our minds – we can think of anything (3rd grader)

When you first think about it, you think, “Oh, grown-ups are mature, so they are most trustworthy.” But then you realise that being trustworthy also means telling your true opinion and being able to keep secrets. Grown-ups are terrible at that! However, after thinking about it for an extremely long time – until your head feels like it’s going to explode – you realise that it’s not really about your age or if you’re a grown-up or child, it’s about who you are (4th grader)

It’s what you think that makes you who you are (2nd grader)

They really are smarter than grown-ups!

9 comments on “The wisdom of kids

  1. Very wise kids! I’d be interested in the context, though.

    • Yeah, I’m sure the discussions they were having in class directed them to those thoughts – but still smart to express them =)

  2. Aww these are so sweet! I love wisdom from kids!

  3. Oh yes, sometimes they have brilliant things to say.

    • Lol, yes, but I think it’s more often at the other end of the spectrum (as your blog demonstrates *grin*).

  4. Reasons why I love teaching…

  5. I also love kid wisdom! They really tell it like it is. That part about grownups being terrible at telling their true opinions and keeping secrets… I think we all know people like that!

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