New writing year starts

For a long time, I have considered September to be the start of my writing year. I reset my writing goals, set a plan for what I want to achieve each month (this is specifically for my manuscript) and a general list of other things I want to achieve (these are writing related).

The reason September heralds my new writing year is because around mid-August Romance Writers of Australia host their annual conference. Not for just romance writers, the conference is a must do on my writing calendar. It’s like the equivalent of a shot of B12…it injects enthusiasm and drive into what can sometimes be a flagging and negative headspace. Hence the aftermath is the perfect time for goal setting.

Coincidentally, it’s also the start of spring, and as you know, spring is my favourite time of year, so I am always much more enthusiastic about everything in springtime.

My writing goals are very measurable, and I do set a time frame for getting things done, but as I have Barbarians, I’ve learnt to be kind to myself and if things take a little longer to get there, that is okay.

Do you go against the norm of 1st January with your goal setting?

8 comments on “New writing year starts

  1. I don’t set goals at any time of the year 😅😅

    • I really only do goals for my writing, mostly because I don’t have a deadline (other than the artificial one I set myself, which means it is a goal).

  2. You should have been an accountant, with an odd fiscal year!

    • Ugh I would have not enjoyed accountancy. I hate new year resolutions, so it fits better keeping it separate so not tainted with the same brush.

  3. I specifically don’t set goals on January 1st as I want to be able to start new things when it feels right. This is a great case in point. You feel your writing year starts in September. Then your writing year starts in September. Work with what works.

  4. September is a great time for a writing reset! I think I will borrow your energy, even though the month is almost half over and I’m getting a late start!

    • Haha, don’t worry, we have had an unexpected guest arrive for an extended stay, so it’s been a little hiccup to my kickstart as well (I’ve started, it’s just been slower than I’d hoped).

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