A spring renewal

As spring is the time of year for new life, it seems the perfect time of year to kickstart my blog and give it life again. I have a bit of a plan moving forward (as you will have noticed my attempt at an ad hoc approach didn’t really work), so hopefully things will be back to a new normal.

What are you looking to give you new life too?

9 comments on “A spring renewal

  1. I have missed your eclectic mix of posts!

    • Haha, thanks, Jacqui. I tend to write what I’m thinking about – kinda shows a rather terrifying insight into my brain, right?

  2. Its almost fall here so I am looking forward to it! 😃

  3. Oh yes! Lets hope not! But at least I’ll have my car this winter!

    I just got new work shoes which are cute little ankle booties and I’m just waiting for it to be cool enough to wear them lol

  4. Haha I agree! I’m all for fall now and winter can just disappear lol

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