My favourite season is here. I can’t help it, I’m always happy on the 1st September.

What always makes you happy?

14 comments on “Spring!

  1. Ah, what a difference a hemisphere makes… Today it’s icky and hot and the air quality is bad. We’re getting our heatwave now for the next week or so. Sigh. Enjoy your spring.

    • Right now I am looking forward to a heatwave (I probably won’t be saying that when we actually get one). I am very ready to defrost!

  2. Sept. 1; the beginning of the end of our monsoon season. 50% chance of rain instead of 80.

    Too early to tell if it is the end of high summer, but the days are a bit shorter, so less chance of getting really hot, maybe.

    • Our days are lengthening, but it has been so cloudy I haven’t really noticed. Usually our winters are cloud free but that hasn’t happened for a couple of years now (thanks to La Nina).

  3. Pretty nails!! Every time I look at my apple on my one nail I smile. Its the most perfect apple ever haha

  4. Seeing a hummingbird always, always makes me happy!

    It’s still hot here, but the days are getting shorter, and I know sometime all too soon, winter is going to punch me in the face lol.

    • I remember seeing hummingbirds at the Arizona Desert Museum when I visited a lifetime ago. I completely understand why seeing a hummingbird would make you happy.

  5. It’s 105 degrees here today in Southern California, and we’re in the middle of a drought that has our lakes/reservoirs almost empty [and as the water recedes, we keep finding dead bodies in the largest one]. Will get up to 110 by Monday. I’m ALMOST jealous of the places experiencing flooding.

    If I lived somewhere with snow, I probably wouldn’t have the opinion I do, but my favorite time of year is November through March, which is autumn/winter. Cool and we sometimes get some rain.

    Enjoy your summer! I’m glad ours is almost over.

    • I’ve been following your drought (and the dead bodies) in the news. When we have La Nina, you get drought (the ocean pattern reverses on opposites sides of the water body). It will flip back soon, but probably not until next year. It’s a shame because I would love a hot summer but it looks like we’ll have a cool summer again.

      Autumn is pretty, but the dip in temperature doesn’t quite balance it for me (at least not in Canberra, in Queensland where we used to live it was a different story).

  6. It’s the beginning of spring for you, the beginning of autumn (my favorite season) for us. Happy happy!

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