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It’s funny how when you think life is going to settle it seems to go the other way. In my case, things I thought would fall nicely one after the other ended up shifting and coming together in one great big heap. I’ve felt like I was stuck in the bottom of a sink hole but I am finally starting to claw my way back out. Thank goodness. With luck I’ll see the light of day by Christmas.

It’s also funny how this seems to happen every year. The year starts quietly, the to-do list and load growing more and more as the year progresses until those last couple of months *boom*.  Chaos reigns and the countdown to Christmas and a few days of peace becomes so important. Actually, this year it’s probably the end of November, but either way, I’m looking forward to the quiet start to 2019.

Does this happen to you?


6 comments on “Overload…

  1. Yep. All the time.
    Hope everything calms down with you soon. ❤️

  2. With my kids out of the house, it really doesn’t. Even the holidays are fairly quiet though my daughter is visiting this year.

  3. There’s the busy and then the quiet. I don’t get a speed up at the holidays anymore, though. I did when I worked retail.

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