Tackle one grain of sand at a time

There are times when my to-do-list gets out of hand. It’s worse when multiple things on the list are urgent, or particularly icky things to do. Usually I can get stuck in and work through it, but there are times when I seem to find anything else better to do. That list gets daunting sometimes! I read something recently that struck a chord with me, not because it was a new idea but because it was expressed so well.

The person used the analogy of an hour glass. Basically the idea is to tackle one grain of sand at a time. What’s the next best thing to do right now? Do that thing. If you tackle each grain of sand eventually you’ll have made your way through the list.

I usually have that approach. I start with the quickest or easiest and as the list shortens it isn’t as scary.

How do you manage your to-do-lists?

11 comments on “Tackle one grain of sand at a time

  1. When I have to-do lists, I usually order them in how I can fit everything into my day. While starting laundry is a generally easy task, I’m not allowed to do it until 7pm at night during the week so it goes to the bottom of the list. Nails I know take up a huge chunk of time, but I also want to make sure that I don’t have dishes to wash after doing them so again, later on the list. Things like that.

    • I try and do that, but somehow it never seems to work. Things always seem to happen, or change, and then my list doens’t work, lol.

  2. Oh yes. I call these the low-hanging fruit. Pick those. Move on. Nice.

  3. I call it “find the floor”. It’s just a matter of start one thing, finish that thing, then start the next. And usually it’s a stack of something I’ve let pile up. Why it’s “find the floor” is related to my years working retail.

    • And in our house “find the floor” is literally the task we assign our youngest Barbarian because in his bedroom it’s literal!

  4. I do it starting with the quickest and easiest, as you do, always have. Even for exams! That way you’ve got some of your work out of the way and can focus on the harder tasks. If it’s housework I might start with the washing. While the machine is going, I can do other stuff.

    • I always start with the washing when it comes to housework as well, Sue. I then find it a nice diversion to stop every so often to peg out a load. Especially nice in the warmer months to be outside in the sun after spending time inside dusting etc.

  5. Haha! Those days are the worst but then we have to remind ourselves we can only do as much as we can do, while we sit and watch another episode of RuPaul’s drag race on Netflix.

  6. Hahah. I haven’t watched RuPaul’s drag race but a friend is a fan so I’ve already made a note to watch it sometime. I use some of the mundane chores, like folding, as a chance to catch-up on my tv viewing.

  7. Netflix just added a few more seasons so I am starting to watch it again! Haha

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