Penguin soap opera

Turns out, penguins can leave any daytime soap opera for dead when it comes to relationships – the ones locked up at Kyoto Aquarium, anyway.

Back in July, a Kyoto-based researcher, Oliver Jia, posted about the penguin shenanigans, saying the penguins are “known to be vicious animals who cheat on their partners and steal other’s children.”

To show us just how complex the hatches, matches and dispatches of the penguin world really are, the Kyoto Aquarium has a flowchart illustrating the complicated entanglements of their penguins.

From Twitter: @OliverJia1014

Have you seen the young lady who broke 6 hearts? Apparently the Japanese text under her name translates to “basically demonic”, lol.

Basically demonic

I had no idea penguin relationships were so fascinating. Of course, they may not be this interesting in the wild (they are locked up in a zoo…essentially a permanent Big Brother for penguins).

In 2020, don’t you think it’s nice to know that for some life hasn’t changed?

4 comments on “Penguin soap opera

  1. OK, that is complicated. I don’t think humans can beat that.

  2. Oh wow. Someone should animate that. Or make a TV show out of it. Not for kids, obviously.

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