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Write about something that scared you.
Confession. I scare easily. It doesn’t take much for me to get a fright, probably because I have such a vivid imagination (great for writing, not so much for the grey hairs, lol).

What is really funny about my imagination is that it must have a really close relationship with my subconscious, because if I watch anything even a teeny bit scary, I will wake during the night with nightmares. I don’t even have to find it scary when I watch it. But during the night my brain does weird things and I will wake screaming out loud, tears streaming down my face and literally frozen in place, unable to move…until my brain fully wakes up anyway.

The Hub, being witness to my night terrors, is wonderful at making sure I don’t watch anything remotely scary. If he and/or the Barbarians are watching something he deems to be nightmare worthy his rule is they have to pause the movie if I walk in (as our lounge room is open plan with the kitchen this does happen).

Do you scare easily?

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  1. I get scared sooooo easily! LOL like the smallest things, and then they live in my dreams that night too haha its so sad – I’m like a little child.

  2. You know, you can tell yourself not to have night terrors. Okay, it doesn’t work 100%, but if you tell yourself before you go to bed that you are going to have nice, peaceful dreams, you might. Well, it’s worth a try 🙂

  3. I also scare easily–that “too much imagination” business. But I’m fascinated by scary movies even though I don’t watch them. Sometimes I try, and regret it within the first 10 minutes or so. It takes a long time for me to get scary things unstuck from my brain!

  4. Kudos to your husband. Night terrors are no laughing matter. Darn!

  5. Same!! When I was a nanny, the kids would watch this one show about a snake and a teen? Idk… so if they were watching it, I would go home and have dreams about the snake. So weird LOL

  6. I am honestly sorry that you have night terrors. All I add is that i have have had sleeping problems of late/. This year has both shaken and stirred me.

    I tried some Valerian Root one night. It gave me sleep paralysis and I truly thought that I was saying Hey Mister Spaceman for over an hour when i really woke up.

    If that version of I Scare Myself was too dated, here is Thomas Dolby’s version.

    • I don’t think this could be called a year of sleep for anyone. Really, Santa should just turn the sun off for a few hours and let us sleep in on Christmas morning (here the sun will be up at about 5.45am on 25 December).

      So long as your footprints weren’t glowing 😉

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