I saw this quote by Sara Hess the other day. Brilliant.

If procrastination was a religion, I’d have been discovered by village monks at age 3 and raised as a demigod, in seclusion, by monks.

I’ve always had to battle my tendency to procrastinate. I used to be pretty bad as a kid, but over time I have taught myself to just do it. These days I still do procrastinate occasionally, but to be honest, I rarely have the time. If I procrastinate I’ll never get the chance to get it done.

That’s not to say I don’t procrastinate, I do. But usually over things that aren’t time essential (eg sorting stuff in cupboards). The only exception is when I get really anxious over something. Luckily I recognise it and usually manage to overcome the strong desire to avoid. Usually. Sometimes I still slip.

Do you procrastinate?


11 comments on “Procrastination

  1. I’ve been procrastinating lately with work things. I used to be so on top of my lessons, everything for the week would be planned and copied the Friday before. But now I’m like “oh I have math right now…what am I teaching?” 😂 thankfully today I have a guest speaker in ALL DAY and I don’t have to have anything prepared. And I’m also sick. Again. So there’s that….

    • Ahh, the tedium of work. At least your students are young enough they won’t realise moments of “winging it”.

  2. Not as much as I used to, but yep still do procrastinate from time to time. I learned eventually that it is much less stressful to get things done ahead of schedule. But there are still some things I have to leave for the last minute, mostly because logistically speaking they just can’t get done any sooner. Love that quote!


  3. Great Gliphy. I do give myself permission to procrastinate a couple of times a year and then, I mostly read. Maybe binge Netflix. It’s rubbed off on my daughter.

    • It’s great isn’t it, Jacqui. When I was lecturing I’d show it to my students on their first day and remind them the work couldn’t be done in a night. Of course, most ignored that advice, lol.

  4. Oh yes, I procrastinate on anything that requires a phone call. There’s a reason my hair is usually a mess (it takes forever for me to make an appointment to get it cut). And I procrastinate on other things, too…

    • Ah, you see, hair cuts I don’t procrastinate on, because I cannot stand hair in my face. Drives me bonkers. But there are some admin things I will put off because I hate dealing with machines instead of people or the red tape you have to go through to get things done.

  5. LOL being a supply teacher gives you the “winging it” gift!! So I’m thankful for that!

  6. Oh, yes, definitely a procrastinator here! I keep vowing to do this or that all day and then …don’t. No excuse.

    • Ahh, but I think the rules change when you are retired. At least, I hope they do (please don’t tell me they don’t, lol).

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