Spring Flowers

I love spring. Regular readers would know it’s my favourite season. One of the things I love in mid- to late-spring are the flowers. Our yard needs lots of work. It’s progressing very slowly but the little sections that have been finished look wonderful in spring. Here are some of the flowers from out front garden, right next to the letterbox…

10 comments on “Spring Flowers

  1. your garden looks lovely, AJ!

  2. Gorgeous flowers. All you need is a clone tool to paint those all over the rest of your yard and you’re done!

    Sorry–I think my head is in Photoshop today!

  3. I only have a small balcony garden, but my mother’s back yard is overflowing with flowers right now. A beautiful season, indeed!

    • You need a planter box, Sue. I have one on our small deck and it’s full of alyssum and pansy’s at the moment. So pretty.

  4. Here in the northeastern part of the US, we’re headed into our winter, and since I live on the shores of one of the Great Lakes (Erie), we get a TON of snow. But I can’t wait until April, because spring brings some of my favorite flowers that add such a bright splash to all the dead grass areas.

    • We get snow on the hills around us a little bit in winter (our big snow is about 2 hours down the road) – nothing like you. But I much prefer warmer weather!

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