It’s getting late in the year, nearing the end of the school year and summer holidays and Christmas is approaching. So life is getting crazy busy. I’m getting weary and am ready for the year to end. It also means it’s much easier to find myself procrastinating instead of writing (or doing one of the other 100 things I need to be doing). I love this graphic. Which procrastinator are you?

A Field Guide to Procrastinators - 12 Types of Procrastinaton - Find the procrastinator in you


14 comments on “Procrastination

  1. The cleaner – definitely!

    • That’s me a little bit – but I am primarily the List Maker. Making a list actually calms me (you should know I’m a little weird by now!).

  2. I’m the watcher haha I will watch Netflix until I die if I’m trying to avoid something!

    I always find it so weird to think of Christmas and summer holidays and the end of the school year as the same time of year haha!!

    • Funny how you get used to one thing and everything else seems odd. To me it makes sense to have a new school year start at the start of a calender year, and to get a big school holiday at the end of the school year.

      The thing I can’t get my head around is that we don’t all change seasons on the same date! We change seasons on the first of the month (eg 1 June is first day winter while 1 December is first day of summer), but North America (not sure where else) changes part way through a month. How can that be??? Argh.

  3. Those are wonderful–and a perfect day for that, with the start of NaNoWriMo. I procrastinated that bad boy for a year!

  4. I’m guilty of a couple of those. More than a couple…

    Oh, and I’ve seen every one in class. Seriously. Students have used every single one of those excuses when I stand over the and ask them why they haven’t started the assignment. Amazing.

    • I’ve probably done all at some stage, but I definitely have my preferred procrastination methods.

      Hah, doens’t surprise me you’ve seen them all in class. I bet they’ve got a few this graphic doesn’t cover as well!

  5. I’m the cleaner and the TV series watcher as well as sometimes the napper and the perpetuator. Depends on the day, really. 😬😏

    • Lol. Yup, it can depend on the day for me too. I would love to be the napper, but no matter how hard I try I can’t nap during the day. I should probably work on this 😉

  6. I am a listmaker and internet researcher =)

    • I can be an internet researcher. But usually on topic – I’ll just research it to death and well past the point of what I needed =)

  7. Gosh, I think I fit the bill with almost half of those. I am a list maker for sure, and I can always find a project that’s not immediate that I’m suddenly inspired to work on.

    • Oh, I get inspired by things that don’t really need doing. There’s always something to procrastinate with and you don’t have to look all that hard.

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