End of year signs

In my part of the world students are gearing up for their final exams. Where I grew up we used to say if you hadn’t started studying when the jacarandas bloomed it was too late. Where I live now, there are no jacarandas (wrong climate), instead, they say when the fluff flies it’s too late if you haven’t started studying. The fluff is the seeds from fluff or kapok trees and poplar trees. It’s funny how little things like this become such a trigger. I’m well over the tummy-lenching stress of “have I done enough study” and now relish the sight as it means Christmas is near.

Do you have any funny sayings/triggers like this?

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8 comments on “End of year signs

  1. No, can’t think of any such sayings, but I did recently have yet another of my many dreams about having to sit an exam for which I hadn’t studied. 😛

    • Argh, that would be a nightmare wouldn’t it? Are you doing any study at the moment, Sue? That’s even worse if you aren’t studying!

  2. Wow those trees look amazing! Although I can’t imagine having to clean up after them haha

  3. Love these, AJ. I can’t think of any from here in the US.

    • It’s funny how I seem to have lived in the two places in Australia that have tree sayings for study!

  4. No, not really. This year it’s different. It used to be our semester finals were at the end of January. But they just changed the school schedule, so they’ll be before Christmas break. It’ll be an adventure, for sure.

    • Gosh, Liz, that’s a lot earlier! But it must be nice for the students to be able to settle into Christmas without study to do.

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