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Write down something you are stressed about.
I guess this is something positive to be stressed about, if that’s possible. But in 9 days I leave on my writing retreat cruise. 9 days…

I have so much to do by then. There’s the specific prep for the cruise, but the big thing is leaving my family for 3 weeks. I’ve never done that before. I’ve had to go to conferences for work, but that is usually just a couple of days.

When I go for a couple of days I usually have meals cooked and in the freezer, clothes are washed and ready etc. But I can’t do that for 3 weeks.

It’s apparent I need to write out what I do for every day. Essentially, I have to write the job description for Mum. There is so much that I do that I don’t think about. It’s only when I start making notes, oh must remember to tell them that, have I realised. It’s quite a daunting task.

But even writing a job description, there are many things I am going to have to have done before I go.

I’ve only got 9 days…


10 comments on “Stressed!

  1. LOL there is a tv show “the week the women left” and it’s about a small town and all the women left at the same time and the men and children had to figure it out on their own. I am positive S will be amazing filling both “mom and dad” shoes while you are gone ☺️

    • There’s always Maccas, right? I bet they won’t even miss me (well, maybe a little?), but I think part of being Mum is the worrying. But you’re right, T, The Hub will be awesome.

  2. That would be hard–describing everything that needs doing. I remember my mom taking over for me when husby and I took a week vacation. Everything was great when we got back but the dog was missing. She said she hadn’t noticed–too busy! Sigh.

  3. I hope you have a lovely time on your retreat, and that your family realizes and appreciates all you do for them!


    • Thanks, Deb. I’m sure it will be wonderful once I get on the plane (it’s a 5 hour flight across the country). Plenty of time to relax and figure, oh, well, nothing more I can do.

  4. You do know they won’t do it, right? They’ll see your list, ignore it, and then when things aren’t done, they’ll scramble. And that’s okay. The barbarians should learn how to fend for themselves sometimes, and the husband can figure out what you do for them all the time.

    My point being, don’t. Don’t leave a list. Don’t cook meals for them to heat up. Let them figure it out themselves. It’s character building.

    • Hah, there won’t be any cooked meals. And they will need the list for when things are on, where to go, how much it costs, paperwork needed etc. BUt I know they’ll muddle by, hard to let go I guess.

  5. Remember to breathe. And have a great time on the retreat.

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