Fire Update

We’ve had some rain!! Not a lot (about 60mL – a little over 2 inches), but with a fire still burning just up the road it was definitely needed. Other areas have had a *lot* more rain than us. After 74 days of continuous burning one of the biggest fires is now out! And the big news is all fires still burning are now contained!!!! Including the one near us.

The thing about Australia is that when we have drought, it always breaks with floods. So many areas are now underwater.

This was a bad fire season, but not our worst. We’ve had fires that have burnt larger areas, and fires that have caused more deaths. But it was a bad one nonetheless.
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6 comments on “Fire Update

  1. Thanks for the update. It’s fallen out of our news so I don’t get to find out how you-all are doing. Glad it seems to be improving.

  2. Glad to hear things have improved over your way! My friend Gillian Polack came from Canberra during the worst of it to stay with her mother in Melbourne because the smoke was giving her bad reactions, and even Melbourne was bad enough to keep her indoors most days. I think the issue is how widespread it has been, and how much of an area has been destroyed. We’ve had rain bucketing down here and more forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. I hear that about 3/4 of the fires in NSW are out due to the rain. But it’s only a breathing space, really. We are going to get more of this, earlier in the year. 🙁

    • Yeah, it was tough with the smoke. It’s nice not to have a burning chest and to not be coughing all the time.

  3. Eeek. Fires followed by mudslides. The natural course of things…?

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