Tech torture

Last week my computer began playing up. It seemed to randomly shut down and restart, it didn’t type the first letter when I started typing, it would cycle through tabs, open and close things and a whole series of other randoms. Basically drove me crazy.

I tried everything I could think of… virus scans, shut down and restart, cmd admin directives to run an assortment of scans, rebooting firefox and the list goes on. Nothing seemed to work.

One of the things that seemed to be happening randomly was insertion of a pair of curly brackets into word. Like this {}. On one occasion I’d been considering something in my manuscript and decided to do a search CTRL-7. Instead of the search function I got {}. And it twigged. CTRL-F9 is a macro command which gives curly brackets.

What if my wireless keyboard was malfunctioning and when I typed, the keyboard was misfiring and completing a totally different action?’

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Needless to say, I now have a new wireless keyboard and mouse and my computer hasn’t missed a beat since.

I guess my old keyboard was at least 10 years old. Most of the letters on the keys had worn off. Fine for me because I touch type, but anyone else wanting to use it was in trouble. But I was very used to its touch, and the mouse that went with it was a nice size (the new one is tiny). I guess I will get used to it.

Are you like me and reluctant to replace things you are really comfy with?

10 comments on “Tech torture

  1. Oh my. Clever you to figure that out. I have an odd problem with my internet window where all the tabs disappear and a lot more of the controls. I had to research out the keyboard shortkey to minimize the window (Win key+down arrow) to minimize and see the tabs etc.

    I hate technology sometimes.

    • You know, Jacqui, it’s kind of nice to hear a techie say they hate technology sometimes! But your problem does sound really frustrating.

  2. Yeah. I often start out hating forced change. Then, once I get over myself, I often find the new thing that replaced the beloved old thing is actually even better. And the cycle continues…🤣


    • Hahaha. Deb, you are so right. I mean, my new keyboard actually has nice springy keys. I hadn’t realised how “not springy” my old keyboard had become so I am sure in a few weeks if I tried the old one again I wouldn’t like it.

  3. Oh, bummer. But there is that point where things just wear out. I had that problem with a mouse once. And a remote control. I finally had to break down and get new ones because the glitches got worse and worse Your new keyboard will feel like yours soon enough 😉

    • Yep, sometimes our hand is forced. Funny how, even when something is obviously breaking, we keep our fingers crossed in the hope it will somehow miraculously fix itself, lol.

  4. Glad to hear it was fixable! Better the keyboard than the computer. I haven’t used a mouse in years, except at work, where they had PC computers, my iPad and MacBook don’t need them.

    I had to buy a new iPad recently, when the screen of the old one started shivering and shaking. It was absolutely fine otherwise but not fixable. I have had to learn some new stuff on the new one – getting used to it, even if they did remove the headphone jack, dammit! Still, it’s possible to use the charger slot for headphones, with a small adapter, $14. You do get used to new things.

    • I heard they removed the headphone jack. Bummer. We’re an android family, so we still have all our headphone jacks, but I wonder how long for?

  5. I’m glad it wasn’t a big, expensive fix!

    We just got rid of our landline, which I held onto for years even though 90% of the calls came from solicitors, haha! I’m usually a bit reluctant to change but often glad when I do.

    • You’ve done better than me, I’m still clinging to the landline.

      And it took me a moment to work out what you meant by solicitor. Here we call those phone callers “spammers”.

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