Three times the good

Ever since the Barbarians could talk, we did “our favourite thing of the day” every dinner. We each took our turn to say what that our favourite thing was – could be as simple as playing with friends or reading a good book, but we had to find something that was our high point.

A couple of years ago, with the Barbarians older, it seemed to fall away. Not sure why (life got busy I think) but it didn’t seem to matter.

With the world entering its third year of the pandemic, finding happiness in the day can sometimes be tough. So we’ve started up our old ritual – but with a twist.

We now each have to say three good things that happened that day. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the family thinks of them, or how big or small they are, but you need three. It’s taken a number of days for everyone to get back into the swing, but now it’s getting easier.

It’s nice to finish the day thinking about the good things that have happened, rather than the bad. And even better, I’ve realised by the time each of us says our third thing, we’re smiling. Focussing on the good really does change our spirits.

Do you do anything like this? Or do you have a way of staying upbeat during these covid days?

14 comments on “Three times the good

  1. What a great practice. My children are all grown, but I make an effort to count my blessings every evening as I retire to bed. It is a nice way to close out the day – with good things on my mind.

  2. The class I’m covering now does a favorite thing of the day before I dismiss them. It’s kind of fun. As I don’t always get all the students to participate, I don’t think we’ll go to three, though. It does cap the day off nicely.

    • I imagine with the class you have, getting one would be a struggle for some. But it’s great that you do it.

  3. This is a really great idea!

  4. This is awesome! Back in the fall, when we had Angry Mom asking her children what went wrong at school every day, my class started saying our favourite thing. So the kids line up with their lunch boxes and I hand them their take home folders and ask what their favourite part of the day was and then they get to go out and pack up to go home. I like it! Most will just say recess or their iPad time. But whatever lol

  5. It’s a good idea, positive psychology (at least this is named like this in France!). We call it “3 kifs par jour”, by Florence Servan-Schreiber ( It works.

  6. Love it, and what a perfect time to renew the ritual! My way of staying upbeat (or close to it) during covid is to focus on gratitude. Even when I’m grouchy and/or feeling sorry for myself, it never fails to shift my mindset.

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