A sticky situation

The Queensland Police social media staff have shown before they have a sense of humour (I will try and find one of my favourites and post about it later). Today a broken down truck lost its load onto the road – 2,000L of honey (about 528 gallons).

Council crews work alongside Police to clean up the 2,000 litres of honey spilled along Brisbane Road, Monkland. Picture: Shane Zahner

This is what was posted to the Queensland Police twitter account:

We’re not pollen your leg…in Gympie someone’s spilt around 2,000 litres of honey over Brisbane Road near Noosa Road through Monkland #ohpooh Delays are expected to be short but sweet.


Do any of your emergency service departments have a sense of humour?

[Humour aside, it’s a terrible loss. Consider the average worker bee only produces 1/12 teaspoons of honey in its lifetime and about 2 million flowers are needed to make 450g (1lb) of honey. (and no, that isn’t a typo – one twelfth!)]

8 comments on “A sticky situation

  1. And you carried that positive attitude forward with the title. Good on you!

  2. No, they tried a bit of levity once, but it came out tone deaf, so they put on their serious face.

  3. Yeah, that is terrible, but at least the police had fun informing people of the situation.

  4. We’ll have the occasional funny social media post. “Pollen your leg” is pretty good πŸ™‚ I do feel bad for the bees, though!

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