Wordle WOW

I’ve been playing Wordle for a while, now. 227 times, to be exact. (If you aren’t familiar with Wordle, you can read my post on it here.) I’ve been starting with the same word for a while now. The other day, it happened, the thing we all hope for…my starter word was *the* word and I got Wordle in 1 go!

The proof!

Of course, I’ve had to change my starter word – maybe it will happen again? Fingers crossed.

Have you managed to get Wordle in one guess? Or managed a win at anything recently?

6 comments on “Wordle WOW

  1. I have two starter words: noise and adult. That hits every vowel and three of the most common consonants. I have no idea if I’d ever change my starter word if it came up. Maybe.

    • I have 4 starter words, as in first guess, second guess etc. And while I have changed my starter word, it’s not really as I anagrammed ONSET into STONE 🙂

  2. Like hitting the lottery numbers, but no payout lol!
    I don’t know why, but I don’t use the same starter word every time. The best I’ve done is two guesses.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had a 2-guesser. My most common is 4 guesses. To be honest, one reason I have the same starter word is because it is easy. Too much like hard work to think of a different word every time, lol.

  3. I gave it up. I was up to something like 8-0 and people started to claim I was cheating. It became more fun to find out how to cheat and I found a list of all of the words used, base on the source code.

    Then it wasn’t any fun either way.

    • Yesterday’s word was a doozy. I saw our QOTKU tweet it wasn’t a word (it is, but rarely used in Australia and maybe not in the States?).

      Haha, BF, I can just imagine the grin on your face as you shared your results while you were doing it!

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