Writing Retreat Cruise #4

It’s been a while since I posted about the cruise. Mostly because while it has only been 3 months, the way this year has gone it feels more like 3 years ago.

This time I want to talk about the weather which was pretty miserable weather for the whole three weeks of the cruise. Unfortunately for the cruise, we set off in nice weather, but as we hit the south-western corner of Australia we sailed into a small low (= bad weather). The low was heading east, and was only a small one, but we travelled at the same pace. We spent pretty much the whole trip under that small wet, windy low (imagine a cruise ship instead of the car and you’ll get the idea).


Luckily for us we were on a working cruise, so the weather didn’t bother us too greatly (see writing retreat cruise #3 for more on that). And for our shore excursions there was really only one that was hugely impacted, and that was Port Arthur in Tasmania.

Only Fiona Greene and I went on that excursion. I’ll talk more about Port Arthur and the excursion in a later post, for now I’ll just show the wet…

Of course, having inclement weather meant we didn’t see a lot of sunshine, but I did manage to grab photos of a couple of pretty sunsets:

Esperance, Western Australia
Our last night

Have you ever had a holiday where the weather didn’t behave just for your holiday?

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  1. It was SOOOOOO wet! But also so good.

  2. But it was a writing cruise, so it was probably perfect weather. I mean, if it had been gorgeous, you would have been more tempted to hang out outside and do outside things rather than hunker down and write. Right?

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