8 comments on “2020…my year!

  1. Love it! Happy New Year, AJ!


    • Thanks, Deb. It’s going to be a big year for you but I’m sure it will be a fabulous one. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year! One goal I have it to get my ms ready to query this year. I’m keeping positive thoughts. I *think* it needs 2 more revision passes. That may be wishful thinking LOL

    • Happy New Year, Dena. That’s a great goal and I’m sure your ms is starting to shine so I reckon you won’t have any problems getting it ready.

      I haven’t set any goals this year (2019 killed any notion of trying that ever again), but I have drawn up a 2020 schedule for my writing. If I can stick to it then I will be on query this year *biting nails*. I’ll be in touch 😉 Send anything through if/when you want me to read. I’m sure yours is starting to shine and will be ready to go out this year as well. Here’s to us and our mss 🙂

  3. Nice animation! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks, John. I have left the animation on my desktop – hopefully it will help keep me positive as the year progresses 🙂

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