5 things I’d like to do more…

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Five things you would like to do more?
All of these are things I would do if I just had a little more time…

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1. Read – Okay, so I read every day, but it’s usually something like 20 mins at night and 20 mins in the morning. What I’m talking about is getting a good book, one you can’t put down, making a pot of tea, finding a cosy place to curl up and reading the book cover to cover. Bliss.

2. Bushwalk – I love spending time in the bush (see last week’s post) and bushwalking. We have an annual pass to one of our favourite reserves, but only get there a couple of times a year. I’d love to be able to spend more time there and exploring new places. That includes getting in some camping!

3. Craft – I have always been crafty: sewing my own clothes, scrapbooking, crochet, cross stitch… but all I have really done in recent years are small projects as gifts. One of the big limitations is space, so one day, when the Barbarians have left home, I fully plan on taking one of their bedrooms and making it my craft room.

4. Sleep – I had Barbarians who didn’t sleep as babies, so I spent years with only a couple of hours sleep a day (the eldest first slept through the night at 7 years old). Then, because we wanted them to have a stay-at-home mum, I worked jobs that meant as far as they were concerned I was home (but in reality I worked all night). Years of little sleep have meant I seem to have lost the ability.

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5. Clean – Weird, right! But I’d love to clean out our house and get rid of all the “stuff” we don’t need. I hate clutter, but when you have Barbarians it’s really easy to get a tonne of it. And as odd as it is, I’d like to have the time to clean properly, rather than the slap dash cleaning I do at the moment. Frustrating! But I do remember being told once, that when you die, no-one remembers you for having a clean house. Thank goodness!

What would you like to do more?

3 comments on “5 things I’d like to do more…

  1. Are the barbarians old enough to help? Because, they can (and should) totally help you clean. Think of it as training them to not be slobs as adults.

    • Oh yeah, the Barbarians are definitely old enough. And they do have chores (some paid, some not). Two problems, one, a boys idea of clean and my idea of clean does vary. Second, and this is the biggest, when I get them to sort and get rid of ‘stuff’ invariably they decide the need it all *sigh*

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