A break from murder and mayhem

After a month of posts on poisons and stories of their use, which wasn’t exactly an uplifting topic (although fascinating), I thought I should make my first non A to Z post a little more rainbows and unicorns. So here are a few little heartwarming stories to shake-off the doom and gloom you might now have about the human race…

  • Two five year old boys, best mates, got the same haircut so their teacher wouldn’t be able to tell them apart – a cute trick on their teacher. Just one thing: Jax is white; Reddy is black. To the kids, this wasn’t even a thing. What is even more sweet, is that their teachers played along, pretending to mix them up.
  • A man tried to check in for his flight with his 2-year-old daughter when he was informed she needed a ticket of her own – he’d mistakenly thought because of her age she didn’t need one. The dad was distraught because he didn’t have the money to purchase it. This is when a woman who had overheard what has happening stepped in to pay the $749 ticket. When asked for her details by the dad so he could pay her back she refused to even give her name, insisting on staying anonymous.
  • A teacher at a junior high school in Ghana hadn’t owned a computer in over 7 years, but he knew his students needed to know how to use one for their future careers. Using coloured chalk he drew a Microsoft Word facsimile on his blackboard. Images of his intricate Word replica (see below) went viral and donations of computers began arriving at the school. Microsoft flew the teacher to Singapore for free training.
Teacher standing learners sitting at desks behind him
From: Microsoft

I hope that’s managed to restore your faith in humankind. People really can be wonderful. Do you have any little acts of wonderful to share?

10 comments on “A break from murder and mayhem

  1. Giggling Fattie

    May 5, 2021 at 12:42 am

    Awwww such awesome things!!!

  2. Thank you! I was getting a bit grumpy today and it’s nice to be reminded that there *are* good, kind people in the world.

    • I think there are more good, kind people than not. It’s just that that it’s the not good, not kind people who make the news.

  3. I do enjoy little stories like this.

  4. Yes poisons are fascinating. The good people in this world are even more so. Awesome!

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