A year of Barbarians

I think I’m going to have to concede that 2023 has beaten me. My two Barbarians are taking a fair whack of my time this year and rather than have that little voice at the back of my head continue to harp on about my neglected blog, I’ve decided to accept that 2023 is just going to be one of those years.

I will be back sporadically – I miss my corner of the cyberworld and my friends that I have here – and hopefully come the end of the year (which is also the end of the school year here) life will settle and I can find some “me” time again to resume my regular posts.

10 comments on “A year of Barbarians

  1. The blogosphere will be here when you again have time. Kids. They are a time suck. But then again, you won’t get these years back, and one day you’ll look back and be glad of the time you had for them. The blog will be here when they don’t need you as much any more.

    • They really are a lot of time, and often when least expected (I thought as they grew older I would be needed less and less, but I guess once Mum, always Mum). The Hub and I can see that little light at the end of the tunnel though and dream of being able to downsize when we become empty nesters, lol.

  2. No probklem! We’ll see you when we see you…

  3. Kids need you in different ways at different ages. And the time goes so fast, even when it doesn’t feel that way lol. Enjoy your Mum time!

  4. Relax and enjoy it. Do something like seeing the difference between what is going on now and what was going on when you were there, a few years ago.

    However it is working this year will be different next year, and so on until it is over and you miss it.

    You have to make some time to do things you want, maybe alternating Sunday mornings.

    You’ll live through it and be better for having done it, so relax, it’s inevitable.

    • Haha, not so sure about the “be better for it”, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed, BF.

  5. Over the past year-plus, my blog and newsletter have gone from monthly to maybe twice in a year. Life has intruded, and truthfully, what’s going on is far more important than whether I get a post put together. I do miss putting out regular content, being creative, and connecting with people. But it’ll come back when there’s time.

    This is merely a season, and it seems like you have your priorities straight as far as where your attention needs to be. We’ll still be here!

    • I think the last few years have been tough on everyone and the fallout is still coming. I miss posting as well, and even more the people, but as you say, priorities shift and my little corner of the cyberworld will be here when I come back.

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