Australia Day

Australia Day, 26th Jan, is celebrated each year on the anniversary of the first fleet from Britain landing in Sydney Cove. On our official national day Aussies celebrate with pride, usually having a barbie with mates, getting outdoors for a bit of backyard cricket and whenever possible hitting the water for a swim (whether it’s a pool, creek, dam or ocean).

With temps here forecast to reach 40’C (104’F) we’ve cancelled our camping
trip and instead will go for a swim at a local creek (dog friendly of course)
and then head over to a friend’s place for a BBQ.

Whatever you are doing, have a ripper of an Australia Day.

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8 comments on “Australia Day

  1. Good f****** grief–104! I didn’t know it got so hot there. I’m looking up your latitude.

    • We’ve had hotter days this summer. Been a bit of a scorcher. I don’t think people really get Australia until they’ve been here. We are a big country and mostly desert. to quote a famous Aussie poem:

      I love a sunburnt country,
      A land of sweeping plains
      Of ragged mountain ranges
      Of droughts and flooding rains.
      I love her far horizons
      I love her jewel-sea,
      Her beauty and her terror –
      The wide brown land for me!

      Excerpt from: My Country – Dorothea Mackellar (1908)

  2. I survived the 44’ heat yesterday. Not so hot today in Melbourne, or on the public holiday on Monday. Such a relief!

    • Yeah, not as hot for us today as you yesterday, but we aren’t getting relief like you guys sadly. Tomorrow 35 and staying in mid-30s for the rest of the week. We’ve only had the odd day in the (high) 20s for all of Dec and Jan. The problem here is Canberra usually has hot summer days but cool nights which give us relief, but not this summer. Our built-for-winter house meant at 1am this morning when I couldn’t sleep it was still 30’C in the house. Been a hot one!

  3. aww…40’C (104’F) is so hot.
    take cake

    • Thanks, Evi. You’re right, cake solves most problems. Traditional dessert tucker on Australia Day should be lamingtons or pavlova, but cake is less fiddly!

  4. Yikes. Stay cool. And happy Australia Day.

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