Christmas Shopping

I had hoped to post this yesterday but it took a day longer than I’d hoped to be able to say…I’ve finished my Christmas shopping! (And everything is wrapped – just in case Barbarians stumble across them).

I am not a lover of shopping. Especially when thousands of others are wanting to do the same thing. The thought of having to do my Christmas shopping in December with everyone else gives me shivers. Ugh. Nothing worse.

I’ve been doing the shopping over the last couple of months. I have a budget to stick to so it can take a bit of hunting to find things at the right price, and that everyone will (hopefully) love.

I love giving presents, so I really try hard to find the *perfect* gift. I am so excited for Christmas day just so they can be given. I am always more excited about the giving than the receiving.

What about your Christmas shopping? Finished, underway or that’s what Christmas Eve is for?


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  1. I used to be the one who the day after Thanksgiving was like “I needed your lists already so let’s go!!!” But now it’s getting later and later. Mostly because I need to see what kind of money I have to work with lol this year will be tight but that’s ok! My brother and I both want to get away from giving gifts at Christmas and would much rather have the family time instead. But that’s a hard issue to bring up and it didn’t get brought up this year in time.

    • You should suggest Secret Santa for next year. Then everyone gets a gift but you only have to buy one yourself 🙂

      • I tried that the first time I went to Korea. I returned in the middle of November and in Korea Christmas is so different. So I suggested no gifts or just one gift or secret Santa and my mom destroyed the idea – “so I buy one gift and then for your dad?” “Nooooo – you buy ONE GIFT” she wouldn’t have it! And my brother would like to suggest it now but he feels like he gets labeled as the ungrateful child for gift giving because he kind of hates it. He doesn’t celebrate my parents anniversary (it’s THEIR anniversary so they should get each other things not us getting them things) and birthdays he kind of skips over cos we usually skip his since it’s so close to Christmas and he lives so far away. But I always try to send a gift which he doesn’t want anyway. He wants time, not things! Which I understand! But if he brings it up then he gets attacked. We both go home for over a week and my mom will literally just sit in her chair every day watching cartoons like she does alllll the rest of the time. It’s really frustrating – especially when the last few years to go home meant I lost an entire weeks pay just to be there.

        Sorry that was a rant and a half lol! Next year my brother and I will do a “no gifts” front together and I will bring it up. We are hoping to have Easter at his place so he doesn’t have to drive down. Which my mom will make every excuse not to go but we are going to try.

  2. Your post is a present in itself AJ! I too love giving presents and sometimes do go overboard in buying gifts. 🙂
    I am travelling to Indian (my hometown) for Christmas. Waiting for the days to pass by.

    • How nice to be going home for Christmas. We’re doing the same here. Looking forward to going home, but not the 16 hour drive to get there!

  3. My mother loves Christmas day for that same reason. At the moment I’m contemplating getting Christmas to everybody in January sometime. I’m just not feeling it this year. And it’s way to early at the moment.

    There was one glorious year where I decided to knit everyone a scarf. I started in January. I finished in November, I think. (I documented it on the blog.) That was a lovely year, one I have never repeated.

    • Knitting everyone a scarf is a wonderful idea. But it’s a lot of effort! I tend to make things for special birthdays, but as you know, that doesn’t always work out, lol.

  4. Good for you! I’m not finished, or even underway, but I’ll be done before Christmas Eve. I hope 🙂 (I say that every year.)

    • Do you know what you are going to be gifting? I think that’s the hardest bit, working out what to buy everyone. The shopping part is just an inconvenience (says the one who hates shopping).

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