Easter bilby

In Australia we don’t just have the Easter Bunny, we also have the Easter Bilby.

WIth its long fluffy ears it is easy to see how the Bilby could be Australia’s answer to the bunny. But it isn’t that simple. The Bilby is disappearing. In fact, the Lesser Bilby is extinct. The Greater Bilby is vulnerable.

The Easter Bilby is all about raising funds to save the Bilby in the wild and to increase the public’s awareness of the plight of the Bilby.

The Greater Bilby is a nocturnal marsupial, native to Australia, which has a silky light grey and white coat and a long black and white crested tail with a naked spur-like tip. Bilbies have a long snout and well-developed sense of smell to aid in finding food. Their large, hairless ears are extremely useful for listening for predators as well as prey.

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