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Post about your five favourite websites.
There are quite a few websites I visit regularly, and as I don’t know how to find statistics on the ones I visit the most, I’m taking a bit of a stab…and grouping them a little.

  • Weather
    Anyone who has followed my blog for a while would know I love all things weather. Having a weather website on my list should be no surprise. My favourite is the Bureau of Meteorology webpage (it’s actually my homepage).
  • Real Estate
    I absolutely love looking at houses and land. These days real estate websites are fabulous because you can look through the house, the floor plan, even video fly throughs. There are quite a few real estate websites I look at, but my favourite is All Homes. I especially like that you can search for places on a map, because then I can choose places to take a sticky at based on exactly where a house is, rather than just a suburb.
  • Covid
    It’s a reflection of the times that covid makes my list. I check in a couple of times a day, just to see what’s happened. There are three websites that are my most frequently visited. The first is the ACT covid webpage (which is the one I check daily) – the ACT is the territory I live in. The second is basically a summary of the covid live situation in Australia and the third is a map of sites where contact tracers have identified as contamination sites (as in have been visited by people who have tested positive): Covid near me.
  • Hobby sites
    I probably don’t get to these sites as often as I’d like, but they still rank in the sites I spend the most amount of time on. There are other sites I visit as well, but I figured I’d just pick the top two. The first is Geocaching – the real life treasure hunt – which gets me outdoors and walking around parts of Canberra I wouldn’t normally get to. The second is Page Maps which is full of layout ideas for card making and scrapbooking.
  • Query sites
    Query sites made the list because I am in the middle of currently querying my manuscript. There are two main sites I use, the first is Query Shark, by agent Janet Reid, which is a fantastic resource for how to write your query letter. The other is Query Tracker, which is how you find the agents to query.

What about you, what’s your favourite website/s?

11 comments on “Favourite websites

  1. Oh fantastic!

    I don’t really check sites a lot. I have apps on my phone for certain sites: pinterest/buzzfeed/facebook/instagram thats all the entertainment I have on my phone LOL

    But I have started checking a news website a lot CP24. For updates on what our education minister is enforcing over covid. A man who has no background in education at all. I loath him and have nicknames him Stupid Face. It fits.

    • I didn’t count apps (I limited it to my laptop in terms of sites I visit). Your minister sounds as good as our ACT education minister.

  2. I check the weather and read a couple of newspapers, both local and national. I get lost in Etsy on occasion, looking at candles and plants! I’m occasionally on YouTube, for violin tutorials (I’m trying to relearn from years ago) and Randy Rainbow, whose satire I adore. And I’ve also frequented the same query sites.

    • I decided to be very literal in my interpretation so I limited my selection to websites I visit on my laptop – but youtube is a definite go to on my phone for music.

  3. Interesting. I don’t even know how I’d begin to answer that question. I don’t really linger online. I read blogs. I write my blog posts. I check my email. I spend most of my time on my phone playing Words with Friends or Candy Crush. Does that count?

    • I decided not to focus on information websites, because otherwise it was just too hard! But you definitely could include those in your list. My top one of all websites would be email.

  4. That is quite a list. I can’t say any of them would be on my top list! I try to avoid COVID and the weatherman is always wrong. Let’s see, what else…

    • As borders within Australia open and close constantly, and lockdowns (circuit breakers) happen instantaneously, we have to stay on top of the covid situation. And yes, the weatherman is often wrong, but I still check the weather constantly, lol.

  5. Haha yeah I didn’t want to include the apps but I don’t check websites 😂

    Oh yes Stupid Face is just ugh. 😂 I don’t understand how he’s even in the post. I can’t be health minister because I have no background in the medical field. Why can he be education minister with no background? Frustrating!

  6. Flavor du joir is a little site by A.J. Blythe, you should check it out.

    I’ve already got a house, so I am not checking on real estate, all I want to know about COVID is when a vaccine will have my name on it and no one wants to tell me that.

    All the rest is search and discovery, depending on the direction my writing is going.

    • Haha, thanks, BF 🙂

      Oh, I have a house, but that doesn’t stop me checking out other houses and getting design ideas, or thinking about what I would do if I had that house or block of land. I don’t think I qualify for a covid vaccine until June onwards (there is a very structured immunisation program here).

      Oh, my writing would make my website list scary (writing murder mysteries does that, lol).

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