Get off the grass

A local Aussie bloke made headlines here recently when he told our Prime Minister to get off his grass…because he’d just re-seeded his lawn. The Prime Minister immediately moved (as did the media).

Scott Morrison had been standing on the footpath making a media announcement about a Home Builder stimulus package. The location carefully chosen by ScoMo as the area is about to hold a by-election and it is a new township that has only begun development in the last few years, so lots of new builds happening (it’s not far from where I live).

The home owner came out, bare-footed, tracky-dacked (standard Aussie dress), and politely directed everyone to shift, asking “Can everyone get off the grass, please?” After everyone had moved the home owner gave them the thumbs up.

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Homeowner on the left, Prime Minister ScoMo on the right
Image: GamerMan9

Of course, with a pun too hard to pass up, social media dubbed him: The Law(n) Enforcer.

Apart from finding this pretty funny and totally Australian, I have to say the current world events have reinforced how fortunate I feel being Aussie. I can’t imagine this happening in other parts of the world.

Do you have a lawn? Are you as protective of your lawn as this homeowner?

12 comments on “Get off the grass

  1. Giggling Fattie

    June 17, 2020 at 9:23 pm

    Haha that is so cute! And I love how they gladly listened and didn’t make a fuss! Way to go!

  2. I live in a flat, so no lawn, no. Mind you, I would have thought that someone from the PM’s staff and the TV station would have spoken to the home owner first, about filming outside their home?

    But yes, we do have a laid-back attitude to those in power here. If it had been in a bigger nation, there would have been security staff hovering around.

    • They were standing on the footpath, so I guess because it was public property they didn’t need permission.

  3. 😆😆😆. Love it!


    • At least you don’t have to worry about lawn with your new place, Deb. How are you finding it?

  4. Cute. I can understand his consternation if he’d just seeded it.

    • Yeah, especially as that time of year there weren’t many days of growing heat left. Winter weather was just around the corner…

  5. I’m still in the thick of unpacking/organizing. Today I picked up my car in Vancouver which meant 2, 2hr ferry rides back and forth across the Salish Sea to get me there and to get it home. So far I love it! Yep, no lawn. But at my old place I paid (and am still paying) for lawn care and snow removal. But I think that will be over soon.😉


    • Edward the third is home! It might have been 4 hours on a ferry but I bet that was worth it 🙂

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