How easily you can be found

Everyone posts photos online these days, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…the list goes on. But did you know that when you post those photos you are potentially giving away a lot more information than you realised?

I learnt about this when I studied biometrics (see my previous post), but it was astonishing what information I could discover from a photo.

I bet you wouldn’t deliberately post your address with the photos you post, but you may be doing so inadvertently. I keep the GPS turned off on my phone and camera for this reason, but to really understand watch this video. I think it is something everyone should know.

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  1. Giggling Fattie

    March 1, 2019 at 11:53 pm

    I have all my accounts set to private, or as private as I can get. On Facebook I think you need to have a friend in common with me before you can find me. But they told us to do that in teachers college. And it’s served me well since then. Even my blog has privacy protection on it.And my dad did send me this article on how to delete your web presence but I never looked at it hahaahahaa

    • It’s so hard these days with so much online. We leave our footprint wherever we go. And most of the time it doesn’t matter…until it does. I’ve heard of robbers who use the online real estate for sale pages to learn the layout of houses for when they break in!

  2. Great overview. I’ve saved this for my older students. It makes everything very clear.

    • I think it is fabulous as a teaching method. I’ve shown it to my Barbarians for that reason.

  3. It’s amazing what metadata is connected to photos nowadays. I have forgotten to take care when I post them. I’ll have to take care of that.

    • Most of the time it probably doesn’t matter, but better to be certain. You just never know (I’ve had a friend who has had a stalker and it has been very hard for her to stay hidden thanks to the internet).

  4. Dear me, that is SCARY! My mobile iphone doesn’t have a menu on the camera. I don’t usually share photos of anything of interest to someone suspicious. I have taken the occasional photo of me with someone well known, a book I got for reviewing, something I baked or a seascape I’m enjoying. I will never share a photo of my family or any other children. Too many weirdos around and there are legalities anyway.

    But the thought that some burglar or pervert might be able to track me down doesn’t appeal at all. Thank you for sharing! I will have to check this guy’s web site.

  5. Sue, if you turn off your phone GPS it shouldn’t be able to geo-tag the photos from your phone.

  6. I have quite an old phone, an iPhone 4S, not sure if it even has GPS, can’t find it in settings, but I use my iPad more often to post phonots anyway. Usually seascapes or a picture of something I’ve baked or a book cover. Not very exciting to a burglar! Still, will check that, as it’s a fairly new iPad.

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