On Saturday I went to the movies for the first time since 2019!! It was quite surreal to be sitting in a movie theatre again.

In the Heights - Dolby
From: Dolby

A friend and I decided to go because the weather here on Saturday was overcast, wet and bitterly cold (temps hovering just a smidge over freezing point, which I know is probably normal in winter for some blog readers, but not for my sub-tropical blood). There were about 8 of us in the cinema, so we felt fairly safe from a covid point of view.

We saw the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical “In The Heights”…and loved it. It’s made me want to see Hamilton (another Lin-Manuel Miranda production). I’ve been a little put off seeing it because American war/politics doesn’t really appeal, but I might give it a shot. I won’t get to see it on stage (lockdowns across Australia prevent that) but Netflix has the US stage production available to stream.

Have you been to the movies? Or have you seen either of these Lin-Manuel Miranda productions?

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  1. Giggling Fattie

    July 19, 2021 at 10:51 pm

    Theatres JUST opened again on the 16th here. And while I was at a museum yesterday, it will be a while until I venture back into a theatre. With maskless people eating?! No thank you! Granted your cases haven’t been as high as here so I would go in Australia! But not Ontario.

    I saw Hamilton!! Its on Disney+ for us! And I am not one for American history but I love war. It was good. I recommend it!

    • We have Hamilton on Disney+ as well, so I will probably end up watching it if you recommend. Thanks, GF.

  2. Hamilton was only available on Disney + here, which I don’t subscribe to, so I’ve missed it. In the Heights was on HBO Max, which I do have, but I missed the “theatrical” run last month. I just don’t sit down to watch movies. I’m sure I’ll catch it at some point. I’ve heard it’s good.

    • I really enjoyed In The Heights and am looking forward to when it hits a streaming service to watch again (hopefully a service we have). I have Disney+ so will probably watch Hamilton because I can, lol.

  3. I haven’t been back in a theatre in as long as you. I also didn’t see Hamilton for the same reasons you are resisting–politics. I just want to be entertained. In a reframing of that famous warning to the Dixie Chicks–Shut up and Sing–when they decided to throw their voices into politics, I’d say to movies, Shut up and Entertain!

    • Oh, I like that “shut up and entertain”! That’s exactly what I want from my theatre, movies and books. I really don’t want to see/read something that has a deep and meaningful purpose. Let me escape (especially in these times)!!!

  4. It’s been a few years since we’ve been to the movies. I can’t get out of the chairs in the theaters, for one thing, and for another there’s nothing either one of us wants to see…

    • We have some awesome theatre chairs here, not sure if you have the same in the US? They are like armchairs so you sit and then with the press of a button they recline. Much easier to get in and out of and you are practically lying to watch the movie. You wouldn’t want to go if you were tired because you’d go to sleep (at least I would).

  5. American war/politics doesn’t work for me, and I’m American.

    Haven’t gone to a movie since 2000, I’m emotionally disadvantages on the scene.

    • Is that because you know the structure so well as a writer it’s too predictable? I was watching the last series of an amazing Aussie production starring Guy Pierce (the Jack Irish movies and tv series if you ever get a chance – fabulous) and the big twist I worked out beforehand and announced to The Hub much to his unhappiness. ((ooops))

  6. I’ve only been to the cinema once since last year’s long lockdown, to see Wonder Woman 1984. I keep promising myself to go on a Monday or Tuesday night, but haven’t, and now at least another week of lockdown! 😢

    You can also see Hamilton on Disney+. I started watching it, but didn’t get far, couldn’t focus for some reason. Maybe seeing it on stage would work better for me.

    • I want to see Black Widow, but we were waiting until it had been on the screen for a few weeks so the cinema will have few people attending. Maybe this weekend? The Hub and Barbarians had been going to go snow boarding at Thredbo, but the weather is not looking great for it (lots of snow, but lots of wind!).

  7. Had an opportunity to see Hamilton on stage in Chicago a couple of years ago. But have not considered going to the movies here. I did finally eat in a restaurant a week ago, but every time it seems safe to go out, something new pops up.

    • I think everything is always better if you can see it live on stage. Lucky you, Gail! The life of a hermit does seem quite appealing these days doesn’t it.

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