Preparing for Submission and Pitching Online Course

Pitch Like a Professional is my four-week course designed to get your synopsis, query letter, in-person pitch (and you!) glinting with readiness.

Gearing up for conference? Excited but silently terrified about the opportunity to pitch your book to an editor or agent? Writing the book is only the beginning of your publishing journey. For those wanting an agent or publisher, you have to be able to sell your book. You’ve only got a couple of in-person minutes, or submitted pages, to impress an agent/editor and have them wanting to read more.

Each week will focus on one aspect of the pitching and submission skill set. As well as learning the secrets to successful submission, you will work on your own synopsis, query letter and pitch and then have an (optional) private session with me to practice your pitch in a safe, one-on-one, face-to-face environment and get some feedback.

Not only did this course make me feel like a pitching star, it also provided me with exactly what I needed to write a successful query letter and synopsis. But the best thing about it? Having AJ’s guidance and support every step of the way. Her thorough feedback and advice gave me the confidence to pitch to agents and enter competitions (I even finalled in the Selling Submission contest) – it’s so good, I’m still referring to the course materials to this day!

The course was fantastic! AJ’s feedback was exactly what I needed and it really helped reading through her advice for other group members as well. She made the course very accessible and I will most definitely be recommending other people to sign up. It has made me less fearful of the whole pitching process. I’ve learnt so much – a very big thank you!! Well done, AJ on delivering such a great online course. I’ll be back for future courses, for sure!

I can’t think of anything to improve this course. It was one of the best writing-related courses I’ve done. I’ve been trying to put together my synopsis / query letter / pitch for a long time but couldn’t ‘nail’ it until now. The resources of this course were clear and concise, and the individual feedback was invaluable. Thank you AJ from the bottom of my heart.

Course dates 4th – 30th June.

Open to members and non-members. For more information and to register go to:


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  1. Sounds like a good course. Me, I’ve given up pitching agents. But it took quite a while to get there!

  2. Sounds like a great course.

  3. Thanks, Jacqui and Lis.

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