Pretty nails

During the A to Z Challenge this year I was lucky enough to “meet” Giggling Fattie. GF posts videos of how to create lovely polished nails on her Nail Art Sunday posts. After I commented how I would never be able to create the designs she does GF invited me to send her a couple of designs and she’d do a video on one for me to have a go. The nail design she chose is this one:








Today I had a go at following GF’s video. I’m rather happy with the result because I’m really no good at applying nail polish, although I think the photos make my attempt look better than reality. My nails are below. They’re kinda like the picture above, right?

19 comments on “Pretty nails

  1. Heck yes!! Look at you! Omg those are amazing! And so much better than mine lol *happy dance* thanks for sharing AJ!

  2. Those are great! Good job, AJ. And now I’ll have to head over to GF’s site to find out if I can recreate a design too.

  3. You did magnificently, AJ. And how long did it take you? Hmm?

  4. Very impressive! I must admit it has been years so nice I put on nail polish, but I never tried a design.

  5. Great job. Congrats.
    (I haven’t attempted to apply nail polish in probably thirty years. So, you’re way ahead of me.)

  6. Hehe totally our little secret!

  7. Looks amazing, Anita. Fancy nails for RWA next year? 🙂

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