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My 70-year-old neighbour across the road lives alone. His grown-up kids live a couple of hours drive away and his wife passed about 25 years ago. Late last year his beloved cat also passed. With the need to stay home he’s very alone. And lonely.

This is the problem for heaps of people now we’re living a covid life. I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t heard about social distancing. The thing is, this should be physical distancing, not social distancing. We need to keep our connections to other people.

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I’m lucky. The Hub, my two Barbarians and Biggles the Dog are happily ensconced in our house. Lots of hugs, play, conversation and connection.

For everyone else, thank goodness for technology – Skype, WhatsApp etc all have video functionality to help us stay connected.

If you are feeling isolated or need a chat, let me know. We can always Skype.

And as for our neighbour, we’re visiting him and chatting through a closed screen door (keeping our 1.5 metres easy).

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  1. Yes, thank heaven for FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger…all of that technology is keeping me in touch with my relations and friends, and that means so much to me right now.


  2. Giggling Fattie

    March 28, 2020 at 11:58 pm

    This weekend my “non-essential task” to be done ONLY after all my other work is completed is so make individual videos for my students. Just a few seconds to say hi to them personally. I miss them so much! I can stay connected with EVERYONE ELSE but them. I can’t call them or FaceTime. I can’t skype or zoom. Oh few parents are sending me pictures. One sent me a voice clip of her son and I literally cried for 10 minutes before I could pull myself together enough for send a voice clip back to him lol

    I’m so glad you’re looking out for your neighbour! I know he appreciates it!!

    • You can’t use Google Hangouts with your class? Jeckle’s school are using Google Classroom, and then putting a link for them to access the Hangout for the class. The teacher than talks to them about the work and checks-in for about 15 mins before reminding them what they need to be doing work wise and signing off. It also gives the students a chance to chat to their friends. Maybe see if that is an option – even if you do it once a week 🙂

  3. They tell us to watch you because your seasonal change will be upon us after our terrifying speed bumps. I am convinced it will not be weeks but months. Stay safe my Aussie friend. Stay safe for all seasons.

    • Thanks, 2Ns. xx

      We are all a little worried what the winter flu in combination with the covid virus might have in store. Time will tell! But I agree, this is a months not weeks thing (they said that here yesterday – they are expecting it will be 6 to 9 months before restrictions are lifted).

      I wish we didn’t have to leave our house to do the grocery shop, but we are doing our best to stay safe.

  4. You’re so right that this should not be called social distancing. And it’s so nice of you to keep in touch with your neighbor! I’m at home with husband, one son, and the dog, and things feel fairly normal if I don’t think about it too much. But my sister lives by herself in a small apartment in Seattle, and I worry about her feeling terribly isolated. I’m grateful for the technology that keeps us in contact!

    • Living alone has probably never been lonely until now. I’m glad you can stay in touch with your sister via technology.

  5. My nephew’s young son turned 11 yesterday, so the family sang happy birthday by Zoom. Not the same as a party, but he knows he is loved. And his mother made him an ice cream cake.

    Sad for your neighbour! Is he self isolating? I live alone when I’m not looking after my mum, but so far I can get out for a walk.

    • A boy here had his 8th birthday and his party had to be cancelled, so his Mum put a sign on the footpath with balloons asking people to honk for his 8th birthday. It hit social media and heaps of people drove past honking. The birthday boy said it was his best birthday ever. It is awesome what people will do.

      And my neighbour’s health isn’t great, so he is self-isolating to protect himself. He is spending time in his yard, but trying not to venture further.

  6. Giggling Fattie

    March 29, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    Lol my students are 7 years old. There is no way to use a live chat with them. To get them all on at the same time? Or to have them all be quiet at the same time? Literally would NEVER happen. Ever. I literally have parents who won’t even reply to an email asking how they are and if they are accessing the slides without any problems. One parent hasn’t replied to anything I’ve sent.

    But we do use hangouts chat and meet for staff meetings!

    • Heehee, I didn’t think it would be peaceful! But I thought it might be a way you could read them a story (would they be quiet for that?). Or meet with them for a couple of minutes each at a time. Good luck!

  7. Giggling Fattie

    March 29, 2020 at 12:09 pm

    I actually like the way I’ve set up with the slides. I still read them stories and have full lessons but all under 10 minutes. I can be clear and concise and show pictures to the camera lol and the kids watch them whenever their adult sets it up for them. Some parents do them first thing, before lunch. Others work from home and can only do it after dinner. Best way for everyone ☺️

    But I do wish I could see the ducklings! I MISS them! I’d love to set up video chat times with them. A few sent videos of their project that was due on Thursday. It was so nice to see the kids sharing their poster! And so funny!! “Why did you choose those two traditions?” You hear the mom ask. “Well Easter starts with E and Eid starts with E and I picked them because my name also starts with E” haha 😂 hilarious!

  8. Just yesterday I was explaining to my #3 son why I think it’s wrong to call it SOCIAL distancing. More like PHYSICAL distancing but NOT social distancing. He understood.

    Glad you’re visiting with your neighbor. Stay safe and social!

    • I think they should have used that language from the start – maybe people would have understood the rules better!

      Stay safe yourself, Dena.

  9. Glad to hear your neighbor has someone to talk to. I can’t imagine doing this in a house with no one. Lucky for tech.

  10. Giggling Fattie

    March 30, 2020 at 10:44 am

    Yes! A few!! This week, every day has a different special theme to it (pjs, stuffed animals, a logo on your shirt) and I’ve asked for parents to send pictures so we can make a folder to share in google drive lol

    • And then you get to see your kidlets (plus I bet it means you get to share the odd hippo photo *wink*).

  11. Giggling Fattie

    March 30, 2020 at 10:48 am

    hehe yes!!

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