Summer is here!!

After a cold, gloomy spring that really felt like winter, summer is finally here! To welcome the start of December we have blue skies and temperatures in the mid-20’Cs (about 77’F). It’s not going to last, we’ll be wet and gloomy again tomorrow (more on that in another post), but for today I am enjoying removing some layers, soaking up some sun and revelling in the heat.

How’s your weather going?

My garden looks like summer. Xerochrysum viscosum is a common daisy native to Australia. I know it as Yellow Paper Daisy or Golden Everlasting (although it has other names). The grass in front of the daisy is a native as well (most of my gardens are native planted – there are a couple that aren’t to keep The Hub happy, lol).

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  1. How beautiful. California is always pretty temperate. Sunny skies, cold air, but beautiful days.

    • I think coastal climes are always warmer. I think you guys sit at the bottom of Australia (in terms of distance from equator) but I live at a higher altitude and inland so colder weather.

  2. Giggling Fattie

    December 2, 2021 at 9:49 am

    Today was SUNNY and crisp. Felt like -6⁰ when I woke up. And then tomorrow it wil be 1⁰ but feel like -4⁰ when I wake up, with snowy rain? And by the end of the day raining and right at feeling like 0⁰

    • Ugh, and it’s only early winter! A work colleague is Canadian and flying home for the first time in 2 years with her partner (they missed their own wedding back home because of covid border lockdowns!). She’s got family in Ottawa so is trying to get her head around flying to the cold from the hot.

  3. Oh, you don’t want to know how the weather is going in British Columbia! Seriously, you don’t!


  4. It isn’t here, the days have almost no endurance in them, and then it is night again.

    Typical of Florida is the need to layer clothes, because it starts cold, for us, and warms to close to 80, but it still make the heat work at night and the A/C during the day.

    • I think that’s the day we are having – a difference of nearly 20’C (I think that’s about 30’F) between day and night temps.

  5. Oh wow! I hope she doesnt get wrapped up in new restrictions due to the new africian variant.

    It was actually really nice today! And they are predicting not a lot of extreme cold days this winter so 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  6. Enjoy your summer. For us, today started out foggy and gloomy, but that did burn off, and we got into the mid-70s (21C). We’re heading into winter.

  7. We had a very wet spring in Melbourne too, and this week we have had two thunderstorms in a row, Thursday and Friday. And this being Melbourne the days started fine and warm! 😂

    • Well, we all know what the weather in Melbourne is… every season 😉 Canberra is usually dry, but we’ve been having rain as well – my garden is loving it.

  8. How’s my weather going, you ask? Hahaha! In the Northern Hemisphere the snow has melted, and temps remain above freezing point, so today it’s raining. And then there’s some more rain, probably followed by some sleet if temps decide to slightly drop.
    I’m not going anywhere. Baking some “Grittbänze”.

    PS: a territory with 97.5% double vax? Sounds like a fictional place to us Europeans. What do you think makes the difference?

    • We had a summer’s day yesterday, but today we are back to early spring (overcast and chilly).

      We got a chupa chup lollipop after the needle? Generally we have a low anti-vax population in the ACT (we have high rates of other vaccinations). But Australia as a whole is on track to becoming one of the most vaccinated places in the world (currently 88% double, but over 92% single 16 years+ and still going). Our 12+ group is in the 60s% I think, and in Jan we start 5+. There’s been a few theories put forward as to why, but I think we have more trust in the government, have less of a “personal rights trumps greater good for society” viewpoint and better faith in science.

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