The latest lamb ad

In yesterday’s comments I mentioned the Australia Day lamb ads (you can see my previous post, and my pick of the best ads, here.)

The 2020 ad isn’t one of my favourites – I think they have tried to be too careful, rather than just going for the funny as they’ve done in the past. Aussies have always been able to poke a stick at themselves, but this one is more like a twig.

What do you think?

6 comments on “The latest lamb ad

  1. Yeah, I see what you mean. My favourite (and Iโ€™m not completely sure if this is even an Australian lamb ad, but I feel that it was) is the one where all the deities of the major world religions are sitting at the same table for supper. Does that one ring a bell for you, AJ?


    • What they are trying to say is that cooking lamb will make everyone put down their phones and reconnect for a meal. Definitely not one of their best.

  2. No, not the best, and definitely not filmed in Melbourne! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    I seem to remember there was a lot of fuss over the one with the deities. I canโ€™t recall who was offended – was it the Hindus?

    • There was a fuss, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. I’m sure it offended a lot of people because these days people are too easily offended and politically correct – I ignore that sort of thing for the most part.

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